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Wingham, Kent

Wingham is a beautiful place in North Huron, Ontario, Canada. There are many famous locations at that place, including the Ontario government, former township of East Wawanosh, the village of Blyth, and many more. Live in the best Wingham hotels listed below

The Dog At Wingham


The Dog is one of the best Wingham hotels located 6.9 km away from Howletts Wild Animal Park. You can visit the Roman Museum by traveling 9 km away from the hotel’s property. Canterbury Cathedral, The Marlowe Theatre, and Westgate are only 9 km away from The Dog.


Life at ‘ The Dog’

The hotel is very luxurious and the right place to stay in Wingham. You can eat your favorite food over there. You can enjoy American and Irish cuisines in the hotel’s restaurants.  Make your life easier and enjoy living in a hotel with all the necessary facilities and a luxurious lifestyle.


You can get all the luxuries over there like your room is equipped with air conditioner, attach bath, comfy beds, necessary furniture, and wardrobes for keeping essential items secure. You can live with your friends and family in the family halls and enjoy the picnic in having private rooms too.


The Pilgrims Rest


The hotel is located near Canterbury. You can visit Westgate, which is just 6.3 km away from the Pilgrims Rest. You can visit The Marlowe Theatre, which is only 6.1 km from this hotel. One of the most famous Roman museums is just 5.5 km away, and you can visit Howlett’s Wild Animal Park by traveling 4 km from The Pilgrims Rest.


Life At ‘The Pilgrims Rest’

This hotel is well known in the whole world as it is a historic building which has been constructed in the 16th century. You will enjoy staying at the Pilgrims rest as it has all the luxurious facilities available. You can watch your favorite programs on the flat-screen TV, make your coffee and tea in your room by the coffee maker, which is provided in every room.


You can park your vehicles for free in the hotel’s parking. Enjoy free internet connection, bar, best food with English cuisines by living here. All the rooms are equipped with the wardrobe and attach bathrooms so that you can easily get ready without moving around the hotel.

The rooms are very comfortable and having a working desk on which you can work and study. The beautifully decorated terrace has made in the hotel to enjoy the fresh air.


The Duke William


You can come to the duke William hotel by traveling 75 minutes away from London Gatwick Airport. It is located near the Littlebourne, which is only 24 km away. You can visit Canterbury that is 10km from the location of Duke William. If you are interested in visiting Dover, travel for 25 km, and you will reach there. The nearest airport to Duke William in London city which is 106 km from the location of Duke William.


Life at ‘ The Duke William’

The hotel is pretty much beautifully designed and having elegant accessories in it. You can live in the family rooms; you can book a separate area for your friends, you can ask for the couple’s room and enjoy your stay in this Wingham hotel.

The best thing about this hotel is that you can take your pets along with you. Make your outing perfect by living in the luxurious rooms, which are facilitated with the attached bathroom, toilet, and working desk. There is a cupboard designed in every room so that you can keep your stuff in it.


The breakfast offered by the restaurant of Duke William is fantastic in taste. There is a garden in the hotel’s property where you can enjoy sitting, walking, and cycling.




This hotel is one of the perfect hotels in the Wingham, which is offering lots of facilities to the guests. You can visit Howletts Wild Animal Park by traveling 6.9 Km away from this hotel. Westgate is only 9.7 km away from the corner was. You can go for viewing the historical items in the Roman museum, which is just 9 km away from it. Canterbury Cathedral is one of the famous cathedrals which is located only 9.2 km away from this Wingham hotel.

Life At ‘Cornerways’

This hotel looks like a home in which you can do your favorite stuff. Make your journey to the Wingham the most interesting one by living at this place. All the rooms are adequately furnished and having an air conditioner, LED TV, internet connection, and free bathrooms available. You can use toilets that are designed within the room for the comfort of the guests. You can park the vehicles with proper safety within the hotel’s parking. Eat the best quality food of different cuisines available in the hotels of Cornerways.


The Coach House


It is the most beautiful Wingham hotel, which is just 8 km away from the Westgate. You can go to the Roman Museum from the hotel by traveling for 7 km. Canterbury Cathedral is only 7 km away while The Marlowe Theatre is just 7.9 km away from The Coach House.


Life At ‘ The Coach House’

The hotel’s management is exciting. They have set some of the rules and regulations for maintaining a peaceful environment for the guests. You can take your pets within the hotel comfortably. You can park your cars and other vehicles in the hotel parking. The hotel is facilitated with a free internet connection, different rooms with attaching bathing and kitchens. You can enjoy staying in The Coach House by the luxurious home accessories.



All the hotels mentioned in this article are located near famous places and nearer to the airport. These are fantastic Wingham hotels that are fully facilitated with the luxuries and required items. You will relax and calm in the environment provided by these hotels. Book your favorite hotel, and enjoy your journey to Wingham.


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