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Sad Love Status Stock Images Quotes Free Images Captions

Are you one of those who like giving sad love status? A sad status about love for whatsapp seems to be getting more and more popular. Every other status on whatsapp conveys something related to love. But many people tend to talk about love in a sad manner. Lots of my friends like giving love sad status. They update it every other day and give their sad love status quotes free images stock images captions in newer ways.

Sad Love Status Stock Images Quotes Free Images Captions

Love is a wonderful emotion. But it is not always a happy emotion. Love takes us on a journey on which we are sometimes happy, and sometimes sad. There is something about love that also brings us pain. Memories and nostalgia can invoke sadness related to love or love that is no more. So let us remember our love and loved ones and give out a sad love status. We should all come together and express the power of love by expressing our love and respect for those who are not among us. This may not be a happy love status. It will have to be a sad love status quotes free images stock images captions. But it will be meaningful and powerful. It will give us hope for the future, and continue to spellbind us with the power of love.

Love Sad Status

Love Sad Status

If you are also a person of love, but feel very sad about it, then love sad status for whatsapp is the way to go about it. You should dig deep inside of you and bring out a unique expression to give your sad love status. It will be a status worth remembering. Your sad love status quotes free images stock images captions will be something that everyone would love and cherish. All your friends and family members will read the status and be proud of you for being so meaning driven. So stay tuned and keep giving love status on Whatsapp.

Love Sad Status

I miss you…

I don’t know what else there is to say.

Love Sad Status

The dumbest thing ever is when you both love each other but aren’t together.

I acted like it wasn’t a big deal, when in reality it was breaking my heart.

Love Sad Status

It hurts the most when the person who made you feel so special yesterday makes you feel so unwanted today.

I wish I could hurt you the way you hurt me. But I know that if i had the chance I wouldn’t do it.

Love Sad Status

Life is like Photography. We develop from the Negatives.

I wish I didn’t have feelings

Love Sad Status

I don’t want to get attached to anyone anymore

Sick of crying, tried of trying, yes I’m smiling but inside I’m dying.

Love Sad Status

You still make me smile, even if you are the main reason why I am sad.

Being lonely is like a storm with no rain, crying without tears.

Love Sad Status

I miss the old, happy me.

I’ll just pretend I’m ok.

Love Sad Status

That moment when you realize you aren’t as important to someone as you thought you were.

I feel like I’m waiting for something that isn’t going to happen.

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Sad Love Status

Sad Love Status

Biggest hurt is that some one ignore us when we value them a lot…

Some people comes in ur life just to create MEMORIES ….

Sad Love Status

Sometimes you must be mature enough to forgive… But smart enough to not trust them again.

Today’s reality…. If you are not good looking.. You have no right to love somebody…!

Sad Love Status

You will never understand the pain of ignorance… Untill it happens to you.

Being a good person is also a mistake now a days… People think you are fake.

Sad Love Status

Even though it hurts, he’s my favorite pain.

Reading old conversation and seeing how life has changed…!:(

Sad Love Status

If they don’t fight for you, then they are not right for you…!

The hardest thing is to hurt yourself for the sake of others’ happiness.

Sad Love Status

It’s weird how the happiest memories drive you to tears…

Seeing people change isn’t what hurts. What hurts is remembering who they used to be.

Sad Love Status

Yaad ka zeher dil main phail geya,

Dair kar di usse bhulaane main..

Sad Love Status

Saara hi sheher us ke janaazey mein tha shareek,

Tanhaayiyon ke khauf se jo shakss mar geyaa..

कौन खरीदेगा अब हीरो के दाम में तुम्हारे आँसु ,

वो जो दर्द का सौदागर था, मोहब्बत छोड़ दी उसने..

Sad Love Status

बिन धागे की सुई सी ..

बन गयी है ये ज़िंदगी ,

सीलती कुछ नहीं..

बस चुभती चली जा रही है..!!

कुछ सपने तुमने तोड़ दिए,

बाकी मैने देखने छोड़ दिए….

Sad Love Status

�कितना जानता होगा वो शख़्स मेरे बारे में,

मेरे मुस्कुराने पर जिसने पूछ लिया तुम उदास क्यूँ हो.�

_जान जब प्यारी थी ,_*

*_तब दुश्मन बहुत थे…_*

Sad Love Status

*_अब मरने का शौक है तो_*

*_कोई कातिल नहीं मिलता…!_*

बार – बार आईना पोंछा मगर हर तस्वीर धुंधली थी..*_

_*…न जाने आईने पर ओस थी या हमारी आँखें गीली थीं..!!*_

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